Kuta, Lombok

Not to be confused with Kuta, Bali, which is a total dump. Kuta, Lombok is basic, rugged, undeveloped, how Bali was before all the Aussies arrived.

We went mad and booked the Presidential Villa to be shared with Ross and Vix who were flying in for 8 days to meet us.



We met on my birthday and Nicky M had excelled herself in ordering us champagne. Lombok were a bit confused by this and a man had to drive 4 hours on a round trip to get it but it was GREAT!

The week was spent with the boys surfing (and spending way too much money on photos of themselves) and the girls doing yoga – cliché!

Exploring the island where jungle meets the sea. Lombok is green and lushous and beautiful but the people are less friendly than in Bali and they aren’t so open to tourism yet.

We sailed the West coast of the island on a catamaran, we got a huge dose of sun and had a wonderful week with friends.

And the weeks best comment went to Ross who as taking this picture said ‘you’re like weird shaped crotons in soup’. Errrrrrm.


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